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Aspiring novelist from age eleven, I specialize in Fantasy and Fiction writing. Since childhood I have searched for my very own storybook adventures. A young writer, my perserverance and imagination serve as my greatest assests. Like most literary artists I let Muse guide me, and take me on many marvolous journeys. I have been a part-time practitioner going on eleven years now, stumbling around looking for the light. I am an avid reader and confident witch who wishes only to share her knowledge with the few and the brave who wish to receive it. Please feel free to contact me, even if it's just to say hi!

Issue x: Witchy Sexy Sex (Masculine V Feminine Magic)

Merry Meet! 'Sup my Witches? Do you boys really prefer being called warlocks? Because just between you me, (and everyone else) that's silly. That's coming from a person who classifies their spirituality as "Neo-pagan, Polytheistic Solitary /Sometime Coven Witch, of an eclectic background, with Norse Tendencies." so you know how silly this is. It's the silliest thing I've heard of since sparkly vampires (Twilight), werewolf lemurs (Harry Potter), or that one time someone told me eclectic witches were floppy fish (I'm pretty sure I'm still misquoting the guy.) ANY WHO. Now that I've got that wild hair plucked lets get down to business.

I mentioned in Issue ix a little about the differences in Masculine and Feminine magic, as I saw it. Now I've done a little talking around I'm ready to put my incredibly bias opinion on the interwebs. Hope you like it. Blessed Be.  

I, incase you haven't guessed by my incredibly lady like handwriting... Am a lady witch. I hope it doesn't come as a shocking surprise, but if it does... I'm sorry, go have a lie down and come back later to finish reading. 

Some lady witches don't always give off the fem vibe. I do. I believe that my magic is steeped in femininity. There is something about it that is distinctly feminine. But that isn't true for all the witches with lady parts. It also isn't true that all the boy witches feel the masculine in their source of personal power. And all that is fine. Great even. You are what you are and whatever makes you connect with the world best, is what is best for you. 

That being said I have to admit I had a not so heated, once sided shut down when I tried to have a conversation about masculine and feminine sides on a couple of different pagan community sites. Apparently I'm one of the only people who sees the need for recognizing the balance between masculine and feminine energy in the same way that I I need a balance in all things. 

May be I didn't explain myself well enough to these kids, but I'll try and explain it here.

In life, no matter what your belief or spirituality or culture or society or whatever, there is a balance being maintained. The balance is given many names, many faces- but I think when the energy is stripped to its panties you see that it is either masculine, or feminine. It's a push and pull that life has constantly struggled to maintain in perfect balance for all time. Nature is filled with shows of this.

I'm in no way saying that you HAVE to match masculine and feminine together. Say there are a couple of male witches, both for this exercise affinity towards the masculine energies, both are in the same coven. Half the world away there is a couple of feminine-energy boy witches in a two person coven. The universe is still in balance isn't it? Even if these two covens never meet the energy they are putting out balances. 

Some traditions, to me, appease those aspect end energies. As I mentioned the Norse tradition is very masculine, it's a cool stony tradition, and resembles its people. But then if you were to look at the Greek Pantheon, flourishes, exorbitant personalities, elaborate myths, elaborate ceremonies and you see loads of feministic energies. 

When choosing a tradition that fits you, or even building a new tradition with a coven, this is something that you don't often think of, but might want to take into account. What kind of witch are you? What kind of energies are you putting out there? What kind of energies are you getting back? 

What do you guys think? Am I over thinking the whole thing? Do you find your magic to lean in either way, or maybe you're smack in the middle of the road?

Don't be afraid to let me know. 

Next Time on Dragon- I mean... In the next issue of Leave It To The Witch:

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